Hey there! I’m Eirini Vitorou, the owner of Κουμπάκι, the one who designs all these, the one who fills your packages with stardust, the one who hopes Flove will someday come to her doorstep wearing her crop top. Yeah, that weirdo.

Κουμπάκι means “little button” in greek and it's the nickname my grandmother gave me when I was little. She is the one who taught me how to sew and to always keep candy around as a gesture of hospitality.

Κουμπάκι opened its doors on June 27th 2014 and its anniversary is being celebrated by our weird little family, with lots of food, drinks and music. Keep an eye out around that time of year and follow koumpaki.shop to make sure you won't miss out on future events.

But what can you find in Κουμπάκι? Hoodies that will keep you warm like a hug, mugs for your tea while you΄re reading your favourite book, tote bags for your vinyl on your Sunday stroll at the flea market, t-shirts and pins with "ice breakers" which can be the reason to meet the love of your life, unique handmade jewellery and bags, one of a kind pieces only you can have!

And if it's all Greek to you, don't worry, I'm here to explain everything and help you find the perfect gift back home! As my friends say:΄It's all about the experience!' So if you're looking for a way to sparkle, you know where you'll find your stardust!